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Effective 3/31/2020

50-night risk free trial
Thank you for shopping Indigo Sleep™! We hope you are completely satisfied with your purchase. But if you’re not happy, we’re here to help. You have 50 calendar days to return your Indigo Sleep™ Mattress from the date of delivery.
Indigo Sleep™ does not accept return requests during the first 30 days of your risk free trial. Studies have shown and customers agree that it takes about 30 days for your body to adjust to a new mattress and we want to give you that time to get to know our product before making a final decision on your sleep experience.

Closeout beds are not subject to returns

Please note that returns and exchanges cannot be handled through social media. In order to request a return or exchange, you must email our Customer Support team before starting your return with the return form which can be requested from us at any time. Failure to properly follow our return or exchange protocols may result in an inability to return or exchange your product and an inability to provide any refund.
Call us at 855-637-3004
Email us at
Chat us in the bottom right hand side of your screen

How to return your Indigo Sleep™ mattress
Once you have contacted one of our Support associates, we will begin the return process.

We will be able to process a full refund once a screenshot of a receipt showing the bed has been picked up or donated to a registered non-profit or picked up by a junk service. That refund should process in 1-3 business days.

Once our mattress has been retrieved, simply scan the receipt (or take a cell phone photo), email it to, and after our verification of the donation Indigo Sleep™ will provide a full refund to you. The receipt must indicate that it is an Indigo Sleep™ mattress, show the date of pickup, and show the name and phone number of the party picking it up.
In the event there is no charitable facility available to retrieve a requested return, Indigo Sleep maintains the right to have specific components of the mattress returned (i.e. mattress cover) in order to complete the return.


  • Your purchase will be refunded to the original method of payment or as store credit once the return is confirmed. Refunds will be credited back to your account within two weeks.
  • Shipping
  • Indigo Sleep™ exchanges
  • You have 50 calendar days to exchange your Indigo Sleep™ from the date of delivery.
  • To be eligible for an exchange, the Indigo Sleep™ mattress you are exchanging must be clean and undamaged. You must call or email Customer Support before starting the return process to confirm you’re eligible for an exchange.

If you would like to exchange your Indigo Sleep™ mattress for a different model or size within the 50-night trial, you are eligible for a full refund of your original mattress purchase.
Please note that with the exception of having ordered the incorrect size mattress, we do not accept exchange requests during the first 30 days of your risk-free trial. In order to exchange your original mattress purchase, you must follow the mattress return policy and place a new order for the mattress model for which you want to exchange. When you exchange within the 50-night trial, you will not be eligible for another 50-night trial on the mattress for which you exchanged. In the event a bundle is purchased, all discounts are applied to the mattress.
After an exchange has been placed, the 50-night trial ends and you will not receive the remaining trial days from your original order. After the return process is completed for your original mattress purchase, you will receive a full refund on that mattress.
All returns are subject to verification by Indigo Sleep or third party/parties involved in the return process.

If a bed is purchased through financing and the payments are cancelled/not made in time then the customer forfeits the right to return the bed or a restocking fee will be assessed.

Acceptance of an additional product for free from Indigo negates the ability to return unless specified otherwise

Closeout beds are not subject to returns

Other Products
Products other than mattresses and pillows are eligible for return within 50 days of purchase provided that they are still in the original packaging. Items removed are not eligible for return with the exception of manufacturer error. In case of manufacturing error please contact our support team to arrange return or replacement. The first bundled accessory item may be returned in its original undamaged packaging with a refund according to the policies of the manufacturer but the second item will be charged with one third of the bundled savings as a restocking fee by Indigo Sleep. The third returned item will be charged with an additional one third of the bundled savings as a restocking fee. The fourth item will be charged with all the remaining bundled savings as a restocking charge.  The mattress in any bundle will be refunded at the price paid by the customer plus the appropriate sales tax.


Mattress Pickup

Indigo Sleep is able to arrange for a third party to pickup old mattresses. This service is offered at no additional cost to California residents. Indigo assumes no liability for any actions by third parties used for mattress pickup, unboxing, or setup. To arrange a mattress pickup email For residents of other states than California there will be a fee for pickup, set up, or unboxing by a third party service.