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About Us

Our Values

We are a small independent mattress company with one goal: to get you the best night sleep possible at an unbeatable price. We don't spend millions on advertising, we believe that our bed really speaks for itself.

Our Customizable Design

We understand that beds aren't one size fits all so we designed a bed that you can adjust after you receive it! You can flip and replace layers to customize each side of the bed to be exactly the way you need it!

Indigo and the Environment

We care about your future, and that means we believe in protecting the environment. We want to keep mattresses out of landfills – that’s why we make sure that you can replace each part of our mattress individually. With your Indigo™ mattress, you can just replace the comfort layers after 5-7 years, keeping our landfills free of unnecessary and potentially harmful materials. 


Fiberglass-free mattress design is something very important to us at Indigo Sleep which is why we have several different fiberglass free options available at any time. The islander® and comfort always® beds both have the fiberglass free option!