This bedsheet is designed to help reduce the risk of bed bugs. Made with a waterproof fabric, this bedsheet helps to keep bed bugs and other pests out of your bedroom. The fabric is a good size and the fitted sheet fits mattresses up to 18 inches thick.

A cotton bedsheet is a long, thin piece of fabric made of cotton. It is used as a bed covering and also in some clothing and furniture items. It is typically folded in half, with the right side over the left and sewn down the edges to form a hem.

Some sheets are just too heavy and uncomfortable to sleep on, so there's a need for light sheets that are still durable. These new and improved sheets offer the comfort of silk but the durability of cotton.

A bedsheet is an item of bedding, consisting of a large rectangle of fabric that is used to cover a mattress.

A red bedsheet is a bedsheet that is red in color. It is most often used to sleep on and can also be used as a decoration. One would not be able to sleep on a blue bedsheet.

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