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Our values

Our mantra is Do Good Now. Be Good Together.  We imagine, engage and act to bring inspiring and innovative products to market. Our Indigo™ mattress is made with the finest materials, provides two great feels, is cleanable inside and out, contains our clean chemistry and is environmentally friendly.  Our products are priced honestly, and safely sourced, without creating undue stress on the planet. Our manufacturer is a zero waste facility, making sure that scraps are turned into carpet padding, rather than being thrown into landfills

Commitment to giving back

Indigo is committed to supporting local and national organizations that make a positive impact on people’s lives and on the planet. In fact, helping others is woven into our business model.  Giving back to our community is a part of Do Good Now, Be Good Together. And we invite you to join with us in doing so.


We care about your future, and that means we believe in protecting the environment. We want to keep mattresses out of landfills – that’s why we make sure that you can replace each part of our mattress individually. With your Indigo™ mattress, you can just replace the comfort layers after 5-7 years, keeping our landfills free of unnecessary and potentially harmful materials. 

Do Good Now. Be Good Together.