Our Clean Chemistry

July 13, 2018

Indigo takes a stand 

We saw how industry "leaders" were producing mattresses and we decided to take a stand. We hand-selected our raw materials to utilize our Clean Chemistry. We left out the fiberglass, modacrylic and materials soaked in fire retardant chemicals.

Our latex is 100% natural, Oeko-Tex certified Class I, the highest rating possible. We take pride in saying our materials are of the highest quality. Our family owned North Carolina manufacturer produces foams to the most exact standards in the industry. We also take the extra step of curing our foam for seven (7) days before it is available for production. This minimizes the off-gassing of our mattress, above and beyond what is required in the CertiPUR-US certification. 

Our truth 

Our limit for the chemicals we consider unacceptable is 10 parts per million or .001%. So, when we claim that an item is 2000 times our limit, that means that our limit is 10 parts per million and the presence of the chemical in the competitive mattress was 20,000 parts per million.

The fabrics that make up the outside layer of our mattress contain nylon and para-aramid fiber, including FR rayon. Our fire barrier fabric shows its colors–the yellow color is indicative of the presence of para-aramid fiber. Para-aramid fiber is used in firefighting turnout gear, many military applications, and bulletproof vests. The underlying chemistry that makes our chlorine-free FR Rayon work is amorphous silica or silicon dioxide that is also commonly used as a food additive and in consumer products like toothpaste. 


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