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Our Clean Materials

Indigo takes a stand 

Industry "leaders" were producing mattresses that were harmful to you, so we took a stand. We hand-selected clean materials for you.

You won't find modacrylic or materials soaked in fire retardant chemicals - simply put, you can sleep on your Indigo mattress with peace of mind. 

The latex you find in your Indigo mattress is 100% natural, Oeko-Tex certified Class I, the highest rating possible.

Your mattress is made at a family owned North Carolina manufacturer, yay USA.

You can sleep on your Indigo mattress the second you unbox it because your foam is cured for seven (7) days before production. No weird gas smells to be found! 

Our truth - aka the technical stuff 

The limit for the chemicals we consider unacceptable for you is .001%, that's really small. 

To put it simply, you're sleeping on WAY less chemicals with Indigo Sleep.

Stay with me here. 

To put it not so simply, when we claim that an item is 2000 times our limit, that means that our limit is 10 parts per million and the presence of the chemical in the competitive mattress was 20,000 parts per million.  

Hopefully I didn't lose you with the numbers, but at Indigo Sleep we care about you. We care about what you're sleeping on, what you're breathing in, and what you're living in.